Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just an update...

Connie was really hit hard by this last treatment. She wasn't even close to making it into work yesterday and today she was able to only get to the kitchen and then take a quick shower and she was back into bed for the day totally exhausted. Here's hoping for a much better tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

GoodBye Chemo!

Last Thursday Connie endured her last chemo treatment. Her cousin, Shelly, was down from Washington and sat through it with her. Connie was given a bottle of apple cider that looks like a champagne bottle when her treatment was done from the center. She and Shelly picked up another cousin, Terri, and headed out to lunch. After that Connie headed into work for a few hours and her friend got her a beautiful flower arrangement for having finished.

She went to work on Friday after getting her final after-chemo shot and already noticed the effects taking place very early...in fact, she felt it Thursday night. Saturday we made it to Roberts for a 50% sale just before 10am, then we did a lap around the South Jordan Farmer's Market and then a quick trip to Harmons for some milk for the week-end. She spent most of the rest of Sat in bed.

Today (Sunday) we went to the Single's Ward to see Whitney (and her friend, Tawny) give their farewell speaches. Tawny went first, then a guy who's getting married in 13 days, and then a great musical interlude by Whitney (flute) and Eric Davis (piano). Then Whit got up and gave a great talk and we came home. Connie's been in bed, again, most of the day. She just wandered out to the couch for a little while so she could be more comfortable (change of body position) after she had dinner in bed. (Not as glamourous as that may sound!)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Still hanging in there

Connie is still pressing forward with her treatments...always tired from the inside out, she says. She has been able to reduce her workload at work a little bit, trying not to take on more than she can chew and trying to stay close to just 8 hours per day, rather than the 10+ hours she was trying to do earlier. She didn't go into work yesterday, but did do some laundry and dishes, which (of course) wore her out. Today she rested most of the morning and only went to Sacrament meeting. She made the comment today that she can't wait for the 19th (her last treatment) and then for the 3 weeks after that to start feeling a little better. Of course, about that time the radiation begins.