Thursday, December 30, 2010

Connie is home and doing well...been here for a couple hours, at least. She has had a nap and has taken her first pill for pain. She wants to head over to the church for the Primary "meet and greet." She is going to teach one of the Sunbeam classes this year and doesn't want to disappoint anybody who shows up expecting to see their teacher. I'll have to make sure the kids don't get too excited and bump her, by accident.

How did the Surgery go?

Dr. Ferguson said that there was more scarring in the radiated area than he had expected, so he had to release those areas. I believe that this means he had to make small cuts to make the area more flexible. He also released a couple other areas to help with a more natural look. She goes back for her first visit in a week and starts range of motion movements in two weeks, hoping she doesnt reopen the scarred areas. There was also the possibility of needing some fat injections to smooth at least one area, but we wont know for sure until she's healed awhile.

Making the Exchange

We made it through the raging snowstorm and was actually on time for our 9:45am check-in. We labored through checking in and found ourselves in tiny little room #11 back in a corner for Pre-Op. Connie's nurse was very good and explained eveything. She did fail at getting a vein the first time, and since Connie only has one good arm to draw from, the nurse called in an expert who got the job done. Dr. Ferguson then came in with a Sharpie and drew out his game plan all over Connie's chest. Before he was done the anestesiologist was in there and explained his part. A quick kiss and she walked out of the room and was gone. An attending came and directed me to a waiting room and here I sit for the next hour and a half.