Thursday, December 30, 2010

Connie is home and doing well...been here for a couple hours, at least. She has had a nap and has taken her first pill for pain. She wants to head over to the church for the Primary "meet and greet." She is going to teach one of the Sunbeam classes this year and doesn't want to disappoint anybody who shows up expecting to see their teacher. I'll have to make sure the kids don't get too excited and bump her, by accident.


  1. I am assuming she had reconstructive surgery? Connie sure is strong....maybe it's partly because of the 3 missionaries you have serving in the field :)

  2. So glad Connie's home and has good help to recover. As always ... in our prayers.

  3. I am glad everything went well. You are a trooper Connie.
    I hope you enjoy working with the sunbeams. I also teach the sunbeams. They are so fun, but I am sad to be sending the ones I have grown to love on. Hopefully I will grow to love these new ones just as much. How many sunbeams do you have?