Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chemo #4, Day #7 - Coming back to life

Connie didn't make it to church on Sunday and, fortunately, slept all day. She tried to be a trooper and get up for work on Monday. It was like, go to bathroom (back to bed to rest), go eat breakfast (get halfway there, rest on couch, finish trip, eat very little, hobble back to couch, rest, back to bed to rest). There's take shower, rest, trying to get dressed, rest several times, get hair on, rest, gather keys, purse, waterbottle, fall asleep on couch while resting. I finally had to let her boss' know that she was going to take a nap and try going in in the afternoon. She was so out of it that I had to advise she wouldn't be in on Monday at all.

Tuesday she made it 10 hours, somehow. Came home, ate and went to bed.
Today was about the same, but with a little more bounce to her step.

Did I mention she is going to do 6 treatments?

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