Saturday, April 3, 2010

Conference Week-end

There's not much to report today. Connie continues to improve and will be working on getting her left arm slowly stronger. We have been enjoying a lazy conference afternoon today.

Yesterday Connie and I made a trip in to see where Whitney is working...the new Deseret Book Flagship store located at 45 W South Temple, SLC, UT 84101. They have parking right underneath the store and you can take an elevator up one floor to Deseret Book. Cost is $2 for one hour of parking (or they will validate your parking with a minimum $25 purchase). They don't take cash...the machines only use credit/debit cards. I thought I was all prepared taking some ones with me and the kid at the ticket booth just looks at me and says, "we don't take cash here!" No signs indicating prepared!

Whitney is loving working this store...she was invited to work the grand opening and with Spring Break going on, she was able to work 8am to 10pm Thur, Fri, Sat and on Mon! They love her down there because she is one of the top sellers of Platinum Rewards Memberships. The regional manager introduced her the first morning there and told everybody that she was the person to beat. She sold 8 of them her first day and was only at the cash register part of the day.

While we were there, Sheri Dew was in the house. I threatened Whitney that I was going to ask Sis. Dew when this store would become Whitney's store. Good job, Whitney!

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