Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Expansion - It's Not Painless!

Took Connie in to visit the plastic surgeon this morning. After finding how how the treatment was going to play out from here as far as Chemo and Radiation went, he added another 60 ML of saline to the expander unit. He wanted to do 90 ML, but Connie was feeling uncomfortable with that much, so he decided not to go any further at this time. We have another appt for next week.

Once he figures out the correct size, he wants to go a minimum of 3 months without adding any additional...let the body get used to it. The surgery to do the implant will come after the radiation has been completed. He says most women are very happy to trade the implant for the expander...just so much more comfortable. We can only hope!

Connie is at work today and I've got an email that says she is questioning whether or not she brought along enough medication (aspirin). I told her to take her more powerful pills, if she needs to, but to make sure she tells her boss just in case she gets a little goofy on them!

Whoops - I posted this to Kyle's website by accident...hope that one didn't slip on out to facebook before I fixed it...My Bad!

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