Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chemo #3 - Ya learn something new every day!

We are here at the Huntsmen Center and before the treatment began, this morning, the doctor pulled us into a room (this is normal) and discussed how things are going. We got to talking and he said he just wanted to remind us of why we were doing the treatment because there was still talk about doing 6 treatments vs. just the prescribed 4 treatments. He told us something that he had failed to tell us before. The biggest reason that we are doing the chemo is this: The surgury got her to a 35% chance of the cancer reoccuring. The chemo will reduce the risk to about 10%. The kicker was that if the cancer did show up again (and most likely it would occur in the bones), it would most likely be would also still be called breast cancer. If it did happen to show up in the breast, that would be the one area where it probably would be curable. I don't know if that hit Connie like it hit me, but that was a "what the crap" moment for me.

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