Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 18 after Chemo #2 - Sending off a Missionary

Connie has been strong this past week, but still tires easily. She helped prepare our home for guests to come see Cody after his farewell yesterday. She tried doing weeds on Saturday, but found that made her feel like she would pass out. She did do some pressure washing of the cement in the back yard and found that to be exhausting too. We did make it to Sams club on Saturday evening to purchase items for the small party and she came home and made up some excellent chicken salad and got things ready to be quickly placed after we arrived home from Church on Sunday.

A big thank you to Whitney and her friends who had a couple hours break between classes on Saturday (similar to an efy) and ran home to help us clean the house...that was awesome!

Tuesday night we meet with the Stake President at 9pm to have Cody set apart and then we take him to the MTC at 1pm the following day to drop him off.

Chemo #3 is Thursday morning.

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