Monday, May 10, 2010

After the Chemo Treatment...

9:00pm - I picked Connie up from work at 5 and she slept most of the way home, then crawled into bed for an hour. Woke up with a slight temp and took Tylenol. We kept taking her temp because if she get's over 100.4 degrees, she is supposed to call that in to her doctor immediately. She stayed up for a couple more hours then went out for the night (sleeping, not partying!).

12:00pm - Shared a Subway lunch with Connie today, as she thought she was going to come home before going back to work and hadn't taken lunch. She's very tired, and the body aches have picked up a bit, but thinks she'll make it to 5pm, and then she says she'll probably sleep all night. She's been asking for a pink blanket with a Monkey on it to wear during her chemotherapy. She worked with Cody and came up with this design. Cody printed it out and I helped him apply it. It's on a Holloway 80" x 54" Alumni Sweatshirt Blanket and the design is about 4' across. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

9:45am - Connie had a rougher night than I had thought. She was up in the middle of the night and was nauseous and pasty white. She failed to wake me up, but did talk with Cody for a minute before he was back asleep. She took one of her anti-nauseous pills and woke up feeling much better than the middle of the night. She is very tired this morning and thought she would come home after getting her shot, but by the time she got the shot, she was more awake (I would be too with a needle headed my way!). I dropped her off at work to see how much she could get done today before being worn out.

6:45am - Connie handled Friday with flying colors. Saturday was just as impressive and without any complications. She got to the Race for the Cure a little late (and didn't walk it) and then went shopping for a missionary suit with Cody and on the way home grabbed groceries from Sam's Club. Both of them were tired when they made it home. Sunday morning came (Mother's Day) and there were slight signs of nausia, but when she was up and doing things, that feeling went away. We went to church and I went ahead and taught her class (8 yr olds) while she was there. We tried to explain to the three at class what cancer was and that Sis. Denton may not always teach because sometimes her treatment makes her feel sick. After church we rushed home and called Elder Kyle Denton (via Skype) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I think we spoke about an hour. He's got a Spanish accent going on and it was fun to listen to him speak spanish back and forth with Cody and Chaz. By the time it was bedtime, Connie was feeling achy and was in a hurry to get to bed because she called them "flu-like" symptoms. I need to get her up shortly because she needs to go in to get her follow-up shot to help increase her white blood cell count, I think. This shot may make her long bones ache for awhile.

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  1. I'm glad that Connie is doing well. It is so interesting to read the play by play. Just a heads up though......she will get more and more wiped out with each treatment. Then she will build her energy up a little and get zapped at the next treatment. By zapped, I mean of energy an a desire to do anything! Once chemo is finished, the energy level will be uphill from there. It seemed as though my chemo treatments didn't hit me or make a difference until the next day. Hope she can keep the nausea under control. the main thing is that she has an optimistic attitude and a supportive family and friends :)