Sunday, May 2, 2010

Women's Conference is what???

Chemotherapy! That's What!!
Connie got to spend time with Cyndi at Women's Conference, and bunked up at Terri's house. Bill & Terri have 4-6 week old baby chickens that they are growing to replace their laying hens that aren't laying any longer. On Friday afternoon, I got a call from a neighbor family asking if I wanted chickens (same age as Bill & Terri's). They had got them free from IFA and their kids had become attached to them as fuzzy yellow balls of fur. Then they went on a vacation for a week and were surprised at how big they had grown and called me to say they'd had enough. Connie is now the proud mama of 8 Leghorn chicks (insert heavy roll of the eyes by Connie right here!). Cyndi and Connie stopped by at home (before taking Cyndi to the airport) to see the chicks. After they left here they went to the wig place and Connie has picked out the new style she'll be sporting when the chemo kicks in to high's on order and should be in the same day as her first round of chemo. She wants to go directly from chemo to have the wig fitted...I sure hope she'll be feeling well enough to do that...we'll see!

The Race for the Cure that we've signed up for is the following day on Saturday. It looks like TeamCD has raised $120 so far and we have already received our T-shirts for the race! If you'd like to sign up to run or walk with us, or donate anything on behalf of Connie, please see the post from April 19, 2010 for direct links.

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