Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chemo Class

Tonight Cody, Connie and I traveled to the Huntsman Center (IMC) and attended a 1.5 hour class on what is going to happen during Chemotherapy. There were about 6 people there who were going to be treated, and there turned out to be 6 different treatments...nobody had the same form of cancer, or treatment for it. This made their point that Cancer is different in every body!

They went through each patients treatment, and what side affects they may (or may not) encounter, plus the juices that would flow through their veins and the approximate amount of time their treatment would take on their first day. One guy had 8 hours! Connie was pinpointed as being the one in the crowd that would definately lose her hair. She wasn't happy about that at all, but she's already planned ahead for it.

They took us back to the treatment room where they can treat around 10 people at a time, at least. It appears that they will seat two people per cubicle, but you are free to move about. They have all kinds of things to do to help pass the time, including puzzles, wireless, movies, etc.

Connie will have to take some pills before she goes in (and after, I think). She also has a prescription for some anti-nautious meds that we'll pick up tomorrow so we're sure we have it on hand after the first treatment.

Friday (the first day of chemo) is sneaking up on us rather quickly! She's had some small requests from us to help make this a more comfortable time for her. More on that later, because as Clara & Amelia say...it's a snecret!

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