Friday, May 7, 2010

Connie's first day of Chemo

Today was the first day of Chemo!!! We got to our appointment a few minutes late, got ourselves signed in, helped ourselves to the candy jar, and got right in for vitals followed by a short visit with the physician’s assistant for a few last minute questions. Then off to the day spa…or treatment center. The nurse started the IV right off the bat and started an anti-nausea drip to get things rolling. After a good 20 minutes she started the first dose of medicine, after being told of a horrible reaction that it might cause: major back pain, chest pain, not being able to breathe! We asked how long it would take until we would feel the effects of that nasty and she told us about 30-35 minutes. All went well! It took another 45 minutes to finish that bag and then they plugged in the second medicine, which took about an hour to drain. She did great! We’ll go back Monday for a shot that will boost her white blood cell count, but will cause a bunch of aching in her long bones. She’ll go bald in 3 weeks…that sucks, eh? LOL When she shows up on Sunday with a red bob, don’t bump her head.

After chemo we went to the wig shop to finally decide on a wig. We didn’t like the one that we had ordered in, but bought one that we did like. It’ll take some getting used to (but don’t tell her that).

George was sick and didn't get to go with Connie...Cody was at her side all day today. In at 8:30am and out by Noon.

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