Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 15 after Chemo #1...Disappearing Locks :0(

The morning started off with the hair-in-the-brush trick...and lots of it today! Then the morning got a little more interesting as larger handfuls of hair seemed to attach to her hand as she gently ran her hands through her hair. No pain, just lots of hair.

Then the moment of truth...It's time to cut the hair because this is just ridiculous!

...And she HATED every second of it!!!

The clippers didn't go short enough, so we pulled out the razors. Cody had one and worked one side of her noggin, and I worked the other side. It wasn't painless, but I don't think we knicked her...I don't remember seeing any blood.

She went and took a shower and came back, amazingly enough, with a new head of hair!


  1. Her new head of hair is beautiful! You would never know it was a wig. The color is a perfect match too. You didn't have to go all that trouble getting a close shave. It would have all come out over night and been on the pillow in the morning:)

  2. You look beautiful! Hair cut and shave and you even have a smile! So Brave. I love the wig, it looks great! We love you tons and think about you often!

  3. Mrs. Denton u look so beautiful with your new hair, and I admire u! U r so brave!! kisses from Honduras :D !!!!