Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to work already??!!!

3:40pm - Got a call to pick her up by's 5:06pm right now and she's out cold on the couch! She has a 9:40am appt. with Dr. Price in the morning and is anticipating going to work after that.

Yep, Connie went back to work this morning, with limited capabilities, mind you. She can't lift more than 5 lbs, no lifting, twisting, etc. Not sure exactly how they will put her to work, but I'm sure she'll give 200% of whatever she's got left in her right now! We'll see if she can make it through a full day. I'm sure she'll be dog-tired when I go to pick her back up tonight.

It must be noted that she had an extremely hard time getting up this morning. She's been sleeping on the couch to prop herself up a bit because the bed is too hard and flat for her...check out this video clip Cody took of her when he tried to wake her up.


  1. You are sooo stinkin' mean to post this video! I hope Connie smacked ya one!

  2. Yeah...tell me you weren't cracking up when you saw it!