Friday, March 19, 2010

No News is .....No News!

7:00pm - Sad to say it, but we received absolutely NO NEWS from the pathology lab today, much to our surprise. Unless they work on the week-end, we may not hear anything now until Monday.

Connie made sure she took 2 pain pills (as prescribed) all night last night and slept much better. Woke up kinda pukey this morning, but we think it might be because she didn't have anything on her stomach and waiting 5-10 minutes to eat after she took the pills may have been our problem. I just remembered that we were rendered some "life saving" advice last night and I should have used it...if you get pukey from the meds, try a little coca-cola and it will settle you down much faster. My bad, but thanks Sis. B! (I wonder if Mtn. Dew would work...???)

She continues to improve, taking less pain medication in the day. We are historically horrible at keeping track when the last time she took pills was, so we actually made a chart and have been filling it out religeously. So now we have an excellent record of how bad we are at taking pills on time!

Connie's department at work sent out a wonderful fruit boquet to add to all the beautiful flowers that others have sent. Thank you all!

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