Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black Friday, 2/26/2010

When Connie heard the word Cancer, she immediately associated it with death. Our family doctor broke the news to her. He told her that she should call the surgeon that did her first lumpectomy several years ago, Dr. Price, and talk with him. They would put together a team of doctors for her care. "You're going to have a pretty rough year ahead of you," he said. After that she couldn't focus on work and came home early. She called to make an appt with Dr. Price and they tried to make that appt for the following Thur. Connie let them know that her doctor thought this was urgent...could we do it a little sooner. OK, Mon it is!

Monday was a loooong way away for somebody who was now shattered and had nowhere to turn to find out more information. She got through Saturday very bravely and then Sunday at sacrament meeting she did ok until the choir sang some primary songs and all of a sudden words were taking on a whole new meaning for her. Thankfully, I had enough tissues tucked away in pockets to help get through the last song and prayer and she thought it best to go quickly outside to see if she couldn't get cool air on her face so she could come back in and teach her primary class. Then the worst thing happened...her superhero friend, Jennifer, comes walking out to her car after bravely sitting through sacrament and called out a friendly, "Hello, Miss Connie!...How are you doing?" That was it, the flood gates opened and Jennifer came up to her and gave her a big hug, asking her to call her later. (Even writing this now brings tears to my eyes again.) Connie didn't think she could go back in now, so I made quick arrangements for her class to be cared for and we left for home.


  1. Connie...We love you....I had no idea and you were so upbeat and positive at the baptism that next day! You will beat this and have lots of stories to tell in the future. from the 3 Olanders :0)

  2. Just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are such wonderful people and we value our friendship greatly! We will keep in touch, but please call if you need anything! Julie