Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday - 3/29/10

2:30pm - Connie made an appt for Apr 20th with the following Oncologist:
Jonathan Whisenant, M.D.
Prior to joining UCS in 2005, Dr. Whisenant was a Clinical Fellow in Medical Oncology at University of California San Francisco Medical Center where he earned his medical degree in 1998. He was a resident in internal medicine at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and a staff physician at The Permanente Group in Walnut Creek, CA. Dr. Whisenant has published and presented his research to peers on colorectal and liver cancers and gastrointestinal tumors. He earned a bachelor‚s degree in history from Brigham Young University in 1993.

9:00am - Yesterday Connie made it to all 3 hours of church. Chazz taught her Sunday School class, so she was able to just sit with the kids and not have to be too involved. She was going to take her med's before going so they would kick in and last the entire block, however, she forgot them. She made it home and ended up pretty tired after all that. She has been up for a little while today, but has been sleeping most of the morning.

We need to call an Oncologist today and get hooked up with them, plus set some an appt. with Dr. Price for Thur. We are anxiously awaiting pathology reports by this Thur, at the latest.

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