Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off to the Plastic Surgeon today...

12:30pm - Connie was feeling good enough to go with me to the oral surgeon while Cody got his wisdome teeth out. Check out that story at www.dentonfam.blogspot.com, or find the link over to the left of this blog.

9:50am - Our surgeon just gave Connie a call and she has another surgery planned for this Friday to remove/harvest more lymph nodes for testing. Her care will be determined on how many of these will test out, whether positive or negative, for cancer. The plastic surgeon told us just this morning in his office that we'll find that we need to be flexible as different news is presented and paths of treatment change. So far, in just the last hour, he has been spot on!

9:25am - We're back already and Connie is still tubed up. She has another appointment for next week, where they will take them out for sure. The doctor would like to pull the tube, and at the same time, inflate the chest device so that it pushes the new void closed, decreasing the chance of fluids to gather there. Makes sense. However, if the fluid output drops below a certain level, and Connie wants to, she can come any time before next Tue and have one of the two removed. Apparently, one of the tubes hurts a bit more when extracting than the other. Ouch!

The sun has yet to crest the beautiful Wasatch mountains and the Denton house is abuzz with the excitement of a visit to the plastic surgeon's office today! Ok, a little melodramatic, and basically untrue. We do have an appt at 8:30 this morning and there is the possibility of the good doctor removing the alien drain tubes coming out the side of connie's left chest. We found that we had a picture of how they were installed inside of her body, and after a quick glance she quickly covered the picture back up and said she didn't want to know any more...I couldn't even bare the glance! Anyhow, the nurse says it's a painless procedure to have them removed and most women are happy to have this happen.
We hope this appt doesn't last too long because we need to get back so I can escort Cody to the dentist for his missionary wisdom teeth removal at 10:30am. He has 3 that need to be extracted. He's not too excited about this visit.
There is nothing but fun around each and every corner!


  1. I hated the tubes and was so glad to have them removed. They don't hurt, but it's a weird sensation, sort of like little slithery snakes crawling out of you.....

  2. Ohhhh, Connie's not gonna like that comment...she hates snakes!