Friday, March 26, 2010

Removal of the Lymph Nodes Day!

10:30pm - Connie has taken only one pain medication when we arrived home, and another just before bed tonight. She has been up most of the time, but not with a lot of appetite. Her new drainage bulb fills up quite quickly, compared to the one that was left from her first surgery, but that is to be expected. It is well within the limits. So far, so good. Good night!

5:00pm - Finally left the hospital.

2:15pm - Out of the recovery room and in room #21, where Michelle is taking care of her in post-op. Michelle, from pre-op, came in and brought Connie a new compression bra. She had to track it down for us and got it, and we rewarded her with one of our little pink cancer bears. We have one more to reward somebody who gives us excellent service. Connie is in and out right now, pain level at 1, eating ice-chips and doing well.

12:40pm - Dr. Price just came out and said everything went well, they didn't re-open anything that the plastic surgeon had already done, but did cut through some minor nerves that will make her arm sore and numb. He removed one of her two tubes, which was ok'd by the plastic surgeon, however, he added another one for today's surgery. He wants to see her next Thurs. She is in recovery for the next hour and will be able to take her home later today.

11:50am - We got here at 10:00am and got Connie checked in. The nurses are great and taking care of everything for her. We were moved up to the 2nd floor into a pod, or consult room. We met with Dr. Price and Dr. Rust, who is the anesthesiologist...he's got a pretty good sized ego, but he backed it up by putting in Connie's IV and it only hurt for the poke and the pain was then gone. Last time we were here, the pain lasted in her hand for quite some time. The Dr's, and Celeste, the nurse, went over a few last things, I got to give her a kiss, and off she went.

I'm now in the same waiting room that I was in last almost seems like yesterday. I forgot my phone, so my only way to communicate is by email. I hate it when I forget my phone!

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  1. Way to go Connie! Grandma Hazel sends her best and we'll see your tomorrow with your Uncle Glen's famous potato soup, complete with salad and lemon bars. Love you bunches and bunches! Peggy & Glen xo