Monday, March 15, 2010

Dye Injection Today!

We have been asked to be at the hospital today at 4pm for the dye injection, which leaves us to believe that we will be scheduled for an early surgery tomorrow morning. I believe they told us that after this shot she will begin to look like a Smurf (or is it an Avatar nowadays?) in the affected area. Perhaps I can talk her into a "safe" photo in the morning before she goes in that I can show ya, but don't hold your breath!
Added at 6:20pm:
The dye has been injected (more painful than she would have thought!) and she is back at work cleaning up and writing notes on files so co-worker's can figure out where she is.
Hospital check-in time: 6:30am
No food or drink past midnight.

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  1. Good luck, remember that you are never alone.