Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18th

10:30pm - Happily, a pretty uneventful day. Meds were taken, we laughed, we napped and a delicious dinner was provided by Sis. Vance & Balfour & Balfour. Tommorow should be test results day...we'll have to see what happens =:0} Until tomorrow...goodnight!

8:00 am - We were both exhausted and fast asleep by 8pm last night. Connie was up at 2am and took her meds. She is prescribed 1 or 2 every 4 hours, but only needed one last night. She's still asleep this morning and I'll go wake her up in a minute, as it is time for her antibiotics. I need to kick Cody off the couch and make a place for her so she can sit up more, rather than laying down the whole time. We'll definately be watching the BYU game on CBS at 10:20am. That may give her another reason to fall asleep...hmmmm.


  1. Glad she Connie doing well. I can't believe she is home already! You are a great nurse.
    We will be watching the game at 12:30 and even though we live in Gator country, we will surely be rooting for BYU!!!

  2. I feel like i should be there to give you, George a break and get my one on one time with Connie. Hope you both get feeling better fast.
    Tons of prayers & love

  3. You both are in our prayers. Connie is amazing and she has you, George, right by her side all the way. Hoe you have a restful sleep and great news tomorrow.