Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a New Day!

6:30pm - Connie just shared a wonderful experience with me (not!). I got to help her strip her drainage tubes that are sewn into her to allow drainage that will occur for the next several days...there is a chance they will come out on Tuesday, depending on how little they are draining by then. The nurse said she drains a lot less than others. She has 2. Since we didn't get a lot of sleep at the hospital, we have both got a cat nap. Looking forward to (hopefully) a longer night of sleep than just 3 hours. Her pain level, when sitting, is usually about 1 or 2. When she gets up to walk around, it goes up to a 4/5 real quick. She is told she should be up and walking the house at least once/hour to help keep the blood flowing properly.

2:20pm - We have arrived home. It was a slooowww ride, but not slow enough that Connie wasn't wincing, even though she got meds 1/2 hr before we left. I felt bad! She's going to go to bed, Cody will watch her, and I will go to Sams club...decided not to go on the way home. We'll see just how comfy the bed is at home. Noticed that some clean-up has taken place and our fridge is stocked with fun things to eat (thank you Sis. Campbell, Jorgenson, Free and Bennett!!!!! Also, thanks to Cody & Whit, who got their chores done. Chazz...we need to chat!

11:35am - They have given Connie the ok to go ahead and leave after she has lunch, and at her convenience. Connie is not in a hurry to get out as she wouldn't have a nice electrical bed at home that she can rest easy in. She, of course, still winces when she has to move too far. She'll have a meeting with the Plastic Surgeon on Fri and with the surgeon on Mon. I expect we'll leave around 2:00pm, go pick up drugs at Sams and then head home. They are taking out her I.V. right now.

11:00am - We have been receiving many calls while here at the hospital on my cell, which doesn't get good reception here in the hospital. I have been trying to text you back to check out this blog, or email me at Connie is asleep right now. They figured last night that she was supposed to be medicated every hour after she got out of surgery, and they were doing every 3-4 hours. Now that this is figured out, she's taking stronger meds every 4 hours that do have a tendency to put her out.

9:00am - Dr. Price just showed up and re-emphasized that the nodes were negative and everything went really well. He wants her in his office on Mon for a follow-up. The tingling of the arm is normal and should go away. She's getting another dose of meds right now. Terri W. will be stopping by to say howdy before long. Doc says she'll be out today, unless the other doc sees a need for her to stay another day...they are finding that out.

5:30am - At 3:15am CNA Carol came in to check vitals. All seemed well, she left, and not till then did Connie need to go to the restroom. I unplugged her compression boots that she wears on each leg/foot that helps to keep the blood circulating and then unplugged her tree from the wall. Soon after getting back in bed Nurse Lindsey (she has the drugs) popped in to drop off the next round of meds. Nurse Lindsey just came in again to check the antibiotics bag and advised that Dr. Price's "Surgeon's Team" had already called and would be coming in before long to check on her. Her left arm keeps falling asleep, but awakens when she moves just is happening a lot more this morning than last night. We'll bring it up when they come in to see her. All in all, short night after getting to bed around midnight.


  1. It's good to hear that prayers are being answered. Thanks for the updates, George. Connie, I hope the arm thing isn't too serious! You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. What kind of reconstruction did she choose?

  3. She's has an expander inserted under her chest muscles for now, which will be replaced with an implant at a future date.

  4. You both are in our prayers. Thanks for keeping us posted. I understand about the electrical bed is comfortable...but so is home. God is watching over Connie with great care and love. Take care...