Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday 3/21/2010

Hi everybody,

Cody was speaking in church today, so she got her first shower this morning over her stitches and drainage tubes that are stitched into her sides below her armpits. It did take me a little getting used to...I'm a major whimp in this area. Seeing the tubes coming out of her was the hardest part. We got her to the shower and fortunately her mom has a nice chair for sitting in the shower that we used. I did my best at washing her hair while she held the drainage tubes, and then I held them while so she was able to wash. She felt much better after that, but was exhausted by the time we had to go to church. She made it through Sacrament and Cody did an excellent job on his report on how Kyle is doing on his mission. Several people came up to her unbelieving that she was even there, and mentioned how good she looked (hey, she did look good!). But as soon as she got home, out went the lights and she got some more sleep.

We're still waiting to hear what the pathology reports are...we'll call early Monday to make sure somebody gets back to us.

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  1. That's unbelievable that she was able to make it to church! If she can do that, she has unlimited determination.....and will be able to overcome any of the possible challenges ahead.