Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missed Appt / Pathology Results Are In....

5:45pm - Just returned from Dr. Ferguson's office. He was kept in surgery and Travis Remington worked on Connie. She had a number of things done.
1) Removed steri-strips from lumpectomy and mastectomy incisions.
2) Pulled the biggest alien tube out of her side. He asked her to take a deep breath. While she was inhaling, he extruded the tube just that quick. It burned like fire for a short period of time, but Connie is relieved that it is gone!
3) Poked through the skin with a large needle to find port of the chest expander and added 60cc's of saline.

11:00am - We just rec'd a call from Dr. Price's nurse with the pathology report. The nodes, all 15 of the little buggers, came back negative. How GRATEFUL we are!!! The nurse told Connie a quick story - the last time she called us to say that 1 of 3 were cancerous, she thought all was well. Then Dr. Price asked her to call us back and let us know we were going to have to go in for surgery to test the next 10-15 nodes. She said she made him call us while he was at a convention because there was no way she was calling us back after she thought she had just assured us that things were ok. She was happy to make this call today! We'll speak with Dr. Price on Thur and see where we are at for sure. He did say to me after her 2nd surgery that barring any bad news with more lymph nodes she was at a stage II, he thought.

Here's a little bit more about the stages of breast cancer...Connie, you should read this!

8:40am - Connie woke up in a panick...we missed an 8:30am appt. with the plastic surgeon. My fault...I thought it wasn't until 10:30am and let her sleep. I made a phone call and was able to reschedule for 3:45pm today.

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  1. I hope things continue getting better and better :)