Monday, March 22, 2010

The Pathology Report...

The report did not come back as we had hoped. Even though the lymph nodes tested negative while Connie was on the operating table, the final inspection revealed that one of the three nodes did test positive for cancer. We are now working on setting up an appointment with an Oncologist...and it looks like they are about 2 weeks out, which the nurse says is ok...they can't do anything with radiation or chemotherapy until her wounds have healed. They will probably do a full-body scan and that will tell us how aggressive, if at all, the cancer has been. I believe this will also help to determine what state she is at.
We do have an appointment set for tomorrow with the plastic surgeon (Dr. Ferguson)and on Thursday with the original surgeon, Dr. Robert Price.
Connie did get up this morning and go into work to fill out her time card before people started coming in. She is still a little fuzzy and was thankful that Cody had gone with her to help her...she was trying to copy and paste some stuff in Excel and just wasn't doing it right...he came to her rescue and they made a quick exit after that.


  1. Please send my other older sister (Connie) all my love and let her know we pray for you all everyday and that I love her and all with ALL my heart. Wow! I used all alot in that sentence.

  2. One of my 3 nodes was cancerous too. I was stage 2. Be prepared to be shocked at the oncologist's office. Sometimes it seems overwhelming what they tell you......but you are strong and you can handle it! I had 3 good things about my type of cancer and 3 bad things. I never really paid much attention to those details, just concentrated on getting through all the treatments! I sure never went anywhere so soon after surgery though! You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time!